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Nicklas Bäckström: ”All I Think About is Winning”

Nicklas Bäckström did an interview with Swedish radio station Sverigesradio. The interview was published on July 18th. I posted the first part of the interview a month ago, and at long last, here’s part two. You are an assistant team … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström talks for the first time about his hip injury: “I’ve been in pain since November”

As I wrote about a little more than two weeks ago, Nicklas Bäckström was scheduled for and underwent hip surgery. He has now recovered well enough from the surgery to fly home to Sweden for the summer. He spoke about … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström on what everyday life for an NHL player is really like (part 1)

Expressen’s hockey reporter Magnus Nyström made a stop in Washington during his recent NHL trip. He sat down with Nicklas Bäckström and they recorded a 65 minute podcast together, on what I think was October 30, or thereabouts. The main … Fortsätt läsa

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Christian Djoos to take part in Washington Capitals’ Rookie Camp

In May of this year, the Washington Capitals signed Christian Djoos, their seventh round pick from the 2012 draft, to a three-year entry-level contract. The undersized D-men is currently playing for Brynäs in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), a league … Fortsätt läsa

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Better late than never, right? Nicklas Bäckström’s reaction after finally receiving his Olympic Medal.

Wednesday night before the start of the preseason game between Brynäs and Djurgården, Nicklas Bäckström finally received his Olympic Silver medal in his home town of Gävle. He received the medal from the chairman of the Swedish Hockey Federation, Christer … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström talks about his new role as a UNICEF ambassador and what he expects from Barry Trotz

Nicklas Bäckström talked to about the upcoming season and his new role as an ambassador. My translation is below. Nicklas Bäckström on missing the playoffs for the first time: “It wasn’t fun, but at the same time, the new … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström: ”We are getting a fresh new start, and I think that we need that”

Nicklas Bäckström played in a scrimmage today with his old team Brynäs. After the game he talked to Gefle Dagblad’s Linus Norberg. I’ve translated part of the conversation below. This is the third time you have been on ice this … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström on Calle Johansson, Filip Forsberg and the risk of a NHL lockout

A while back Nicklas Bäckström did an interview with Swedish paper Aftonbladet. He shared his thoughts on the risk of a potential NHL lockout and the addition of three new Swedes to the Washington Capitals organization. Nicklas Bäckström on the … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström and the 59 Meatballs

Nicklas Bäckström made a surprise visit to his former team Brynäs summer hockey school last Thursday to talk to the kids and to hand out some awards. The hockey school lasted for two weeks and ended with a very popular … Fortsätt läsa

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The Swedish Washington Capitals players return to the ice

Many SEL teams had their first practice on ice today. All three Swedish Washington Capitals players hit the ice with three different SEL teams: Marcus Johansson with Färjestad, Mattias Sjögren with Rögle, and Nicklas Bäckström with Brynäs. Marcus and Färjestad … Fortsätt läsa

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