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Marcus Johansson: ”I have very high expectations for myself.”

Marcus Johansson is heading back to Washington on Monday after spending time in Sweden over the summer. Marcus has his off season base in Karlstad, where he has lived since he was a teenager. Marcus has practiced on ice with … Fortsätt läsa

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The Steffen Søberg Situation

A few days ago when this year’s rookie camp started, the Washington Capitals’ 117th pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, Norwegian goalie Steffen Søberg, was suddenly missing from the roster. The club released a statement that said that Søberg … Fortsätt läsa

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The Swedish Washington Capitals players return to the ice

Many SEL teams had their first practice on ice today. All three Swedish Washington Capitals players hit the ice with three different SEL teams: Marcus Johansson with Färjestad, Mattias Sjögren with Rögle, and Nicklas Bäckström with Brynäs. Marcus and Färjestad … Fortsätt läsa

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