Marcus Johansson: ”I have very high expectations for myself.”

Marcus Johansson is heading back to Washington on Monday after spending time in Sweden over the summer. Marcus has his off season base in Karlstad, where he has lived since he was a teenager.

Marcus has practiced on ice with his former SEL team Färjestad two times a week in the time leading up to his departure for Washington. But he has put in more time at the gym this summer than on the ice.

“I haven’t spent that much time on the ice yet. I have focused more on the off ice training this summer. I think that is what I need the most right now.”

“I’m leaving for Washington on Monday [September 3], and our training camp starts on September 21,” Marcus Johansson told the Swedish paper in an interview posted on the paper’s website earlier today.

Marcus Johansson on Färjestad's bench during practice. Photo: Erik Granqvist

Marcus Johansson on Färjestad’s bench during practice. Photo: Erik Granqvist

Last summer Marcus trained with Ulf Karlsson, the former coach of the Swedish track and field team.
This year Marcus has been working out with the former head athletic trainer for Färjestad, Jonas Asplund. Ulf Karlsson was the former head athletic trainer for Färjestad before Asplund. Just like Ulf Karlsson, Asplund has a background in track and field, both as an athlete and as a trainer. He worked for Färjestad back when Marcus played there. I think they go back as far as Marcus’s time as a teenager on Färjestad’s junior teams, so they are very familiar with each other.

Marcus has been training with the promising Minnesota Wild D prospect Jonas Brodin. Brodin was selected tenth in the 2011 draft, and he is moving to Minnesota to try to make the team this year.

Even though Marcus improved his points total from 27 in his rookie year to 46 in his sophomore season, he still thinks he can perform better.

“Sure, things have been going good for me, but I don’t think that I have outperformed expectations. I have very high expectations for myself. My big goal this year is to go all the way with Washington. I believe we have a team that is good enough to win the Stanley Cup. We were good enough to win it all last season too, but we had some bad bounces in the playoffs,” Johansson said to

Marcus had only good things to say about the additions George McPhee has made to the team over the last couple of months.

“We have added some really good new pieces like Mike Ribiero from the Dallas Stars. I’m also really excited about our new assistant coach Calle Johansson. Calle is very highly regarded in Washington, and Washington is the team that is closest to his heart.”

In an interview with Swedish paper Värmlands Dagblad last week before the Swedish Elite League decided to close the door to Swedish NHL players for now, Marcus talked about his feelings about playing in the AHL. Marcus Johansson said to Värmlands Folkblad on whether he would play with Färjestad or in the AHL: “It’s a possibility [that I will play in the AHL]. In the end it will be up to Washington to decide where I play. If they really want me to play there, then I guess I will have to do that. But I don’t think that any NHL player really wants to play in the AHL.”

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