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Nicklas Bäckström: ”Alex needs to do some of the dirty work”

Back in August, Nicklas Bäckström talked to Swedish journalist Linus Hugosson about the difference between his NHL coaches, the media scrutiny after Sochi, and Alexander Ovechkin’s style of play. Today, on October 1, the interview was  posted on I have … Fortsätt läsa

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Better late than never, right? Nicklas Bäckström’s reaction after finally receiving his Olympic Medal.

Wednesday night before the start of the preseason game between Brynäs and Djurgården, Nicklas Bäckström finally received his Olympic Silver medal in his home town of Gävle. He received the medal from the chairman of the Swedish Hockey Federation, Christer … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström is finally getting his Olympic Medal

Nicklas Bäckström har väntat länge, men i samband med Brynäs-DIF 28/8 ska han äntligen få sitt OS-silver från förbundet. #twittpuck #brynäs — Linus Hugosson (@linushugosson) August 7, 2014 According to Pro Hockey’s Editor in Chief, Linus Hugosson, Nicklas Bäckström will … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström: ”It’s an honor to play for my country”

Nicklas Bäckström has accepted an invitation to join Team Sweden (Tre Kronor) for the IIHF World Championship. The tournament is being co-hosted by Finland and Bäckström’s home country Sweden. Bäckström has played at Worlds three times before and in 2006 … Fortsätt läsa

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