André Burakovsky: “Now Everyone Knows Who I am”

André Burakovsky gave an interview to Swedish news agency TT. The interview was published in Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter on August 11. The interview took place in late July in Båstad where Burakovsky played in a volleyball tourney and took part in a slap-shot competition, among other things.

In the video Burakovsky said that he plans on leaving for Washington on September 10th.

On his off season training and what it takes to play with and against the best players in the world

“You really have to work hard every day and truly want to get better. It’s hard work every day and the training sessions are not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It always feels great once you’re done, though.

You have to put in that kind of work to be on that [NHL] level. The players I play with are damn good and it’s hard to get a spot on the team. It’s not something you have, it’s something you have to keep earning every single day.”

Burra in Båstad with Rikard Rakell, Hampus Lindholm and Patrick Cehlin.  Photo Credit: Rikard Rakell,'s IG.

Burra in Båstad with Rikard Rakell, Hampus Lindholm and Patrick Cehlin. Photo Credit: Rikard Rakell,’s IG.

The Washington Capitals’ trainer gave Burakovsky a training schedule to use while he works with his own trainer, Jonas Morin, in Sweden. His Swedish trainer keeps in contact with the team in Washington during the summer.

“I wake up at eight and then I go to the gym where I start working out at around nine. After that I go back home to eat lunch, and then I’m back at the gym again at around five o’clock.

When I get back there, I will undergo tests to see where I’m at. If the test results are worse than they were previously, the meeting with the trainer is not going to be fun.” [Ed.Note: I can’t be 100% sure if he is talking about meeting with the trainer or the coach since in Swedish we use the word “tränare” for both coach and trainer.]

Burra in Båstad. Photo Credit: TT

Burra in Båstad. Photo Credit: TT

6:43 into his first NHL game he scored his first NHL goal. With that he became the first Washington Capitals’ player to score in his first game, since Alexander Ovechkin did it in 2005.

“After I scored that goal, I just skated around for five minutes without being able to grasp what had really happened. I was all over the place.”

It was an up and down season where Burakovsky played both with the Hershey Bears in the AHL, and on the top line in Washington. He also got his first taste of what the Stanley Cup playoffs are like.

“Even if it was fun and the biggest thing I have done in my life, it’s actually nice to have the first season in the books. This way I can just focus on looking ahead to the upcoming season. Everyone knows who I am now, so of course that will make things harder.”


Marcus Johansson lives in Karlstad during the summer and he has been working with trainer Johan Asplund this summer as he has in the past. Asplund was the the trainer for the Karlstad based SHL team Färjestad for eleven years and now he is back on the job after a few years off.

Fellow NHLers Jonas Brodin and Oskar Klefbom are also part of the same training group as Johansson.

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