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Another Golf post? Another Golf post

Just like last year, Nicklas Bäckström and Jacob Markström spent a day in late August taking part in a golf event in Göteborg, and this time, Marcus Johansson and Viktor Stålberg tagged along. Unlike last year, a month later they … Fortsätt läsa

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I absolutely loathe to write about golf. But it is for a good cause so…

On June 14 Nicklas Bäckström is hosting a charity golf tournament outside his hometown Gävle for the third year in a row.  Last year the Children’s Hospital in Gävle received 100,000 Swedish Kronor from his foundation. Bäckström’s foundation also gave … Fortsätt läsa

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Nicklas Bäckström playing golf and drinking beer

Nicklas Bäckström playing golf in Gothenburg on August 25 with a bunch of rich people.

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