Nicklas Bäckström talks about his new role as a UNICEF ambassador and what he expects from Barry Trotz

Nicklas Bäckström talked to about the upcoming season and his new role as an ambassador. My translation is below.

Nicklas Bäckström on missing the playoffs for the first time:

“It wasn’t fun, but at the same time, the new season starts very soon and we have changed some personnel and added some new players, so that feels good.”

On Barry Trotz being known mostly as defensive oriented coach, and how that will work for a Caps team that isn’t known for its defense:

“I’ve talked to him and I think he is very focused on building a team and working together as a group. I think that’s how you win, so having him as a coach can only be great.”

On his expectations for the season (he is leaving Sweden for Washington on Monday, but not before finally receiving his Olympic silver medal on Thursday night.) 

“I’m really excited about going back there again, I think that everything has been working great for me, I’ve been going at it hard and I’m ready to go.”

Earlier this year, Brynäs announced that they would start a partnership with UNICEF, and one part of that cooperation was that they would play without any advertisement on their jerseys this upcoming season. Instead they would do like Barcelona have done in the past, and just have the UNICEF logo on their chest.


Nicklas Bäckström and Jakob Silfverberg wearing their ambassadors outfits.   Photo Credit:

Nicklas Bäckström and Jakob Silfverberg wearing their ambassadors outfits. Photo Credit:

Two days ago, on the 25th, Brynäs announced that Nicklas and another Brynäs alum and current Ducks player, Jakob Silfverberg, are the new ambassadors for UNICEF and Brynäs.


Here’s what Nicklas told the Brynäs site about his new job as an ambassador:

“It’s very flattering and fun to get asked to be an ambassador. That I personally can be part of helping Brynäs IF and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in their work for children’s rights in society is something I look forward to. I think I have a lot to offer in meetings between me and the children. Those are times where you can sit down and really have the time to talk and listen to them.”

Jakob, Nicklas and the no longer shy kids at Lillhagaskolan  Photo Credit: Andreas Norinder

Jakob, Nicklas and the no longer shy kids at Lillhagaskolan Photo Credit: Andreas Norinder

The project is called “En bra start” meaning “A good start”. Brynäs players will visit a school every week and play sports with the kids, help them with their homework, and talk about things like respect and attitudes. Bäckström and Silfverberg started their new ambassador gig right away with a visit to a middle school called Lillhagsskolan.

”It’s so much fun to meet them and ask them questions. It’s very cool that they are here,” said Axel Schelin, one of the students at the school.

Bäckström and Silfverberg seemed to have a good time, too. “It’s incredibly inspiring to come and visit schools like this. The kids are a bit shy at first but they get going after a couple of minutes when we have gotten to know each other a little bit better,” said Bäckström.

Silfverberg added, “It’s incredibly fun. Everyone is not getting the same opportunity, so I feel that it’s really important and fun to get involved with this. And we get so much back from the kids too.”

Photo Credit: Andreas Norinder.

Photo Credit: Andreas Norinder.

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