Christian Djoos to take part in Washington Capitals’ Rookie Camp

In May of this year, the Washington Capitals signed Christian Djoos, their seventh round pick from the 2012 draft, to a three-year entry-level contract. The undersized D-men is currently playing for Brynäs in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), a league that is set to start its season in little over a week. Brynäs plays their first game on September 11, so they will have to get through at least their first few games without one of their top two D-men and what is expected to be one of their most important PP weapons in Christian Djoos.

Christian Djoos playing with Brynäs. photo credit: Joel Marklund

Christian Djoos playing with Brynäs. photo credit: Joel Marklund


Over the weekend, Djoos told that he is coming over to take part in the Washington Capitals rookie camp.

“I’m looking forward to it. I’m leaving on September 8 to take part in the the rookie camp but after that I’m not sure how long I will stay for. But they want to take another look at me and they think that it’s good for my development,” Djoos said.

“I was there earlier this summer [for Washington Capitals development camp] and now they really want to see me again. I suppose that is proof that I performed well the last time I was over, so it’s going to be fun to get this opportunity.”
Brynäs is hoping that Djoos will still be loaned to them this season, and considering how well stocked the Capitals’ organization is on D at the moment, both in Washington and Hershey, it’s not unlikely that they will get their wish granted.



 Update, September 1 14.46 pm  
Djoos is also attending the Caps’ main camp according to Brynäs’ GM Stefan Bengtzén estimates that Djoos will be gone for two weeks. ”We can only hope that he is good, but not too good,” Bengtzén told
Last week I wrote about a another Caps prospect picked in the seventh round, Kevin Elgestål. Elgestål is also attending both the rookie and main camps this year.
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