Burra being Burra

Aftonbladet’s Per Bjurman chatted with the Swedish players ahead of last night’s game. This short passage from his blog made me laugh, even though the Caps lost the game.   

Bäckis starts to smile every time you mention Burakovsky’s name, leaving one with the impression that the young Scanian does and say funny stuff all the time, and today I demand to hear an example.  

Nicklas och Burra.

Valbo’s finest, while still smiling, gives in and provides me with a story.

The guys on the team asked who it was that said ”Sting like a bee, float like a butterfly” and Andre answered, ”Yes, I know that – Barack Obama!

When his laughing friends explained to him that no, it’s actually the most classic boxer of them all, Burracuda said, ”Aha, then I know who it is – Mustafa Muhammed!”

Here’s another Burra:
When he first arrived in Washington he borrowed Bäckis’s car to pick up some friends at the airport. He manged to get pulled over for speeding.

Slightly worried, he calls up Bäckis and asks him what to do.

Bäckis sighs and asks ”How fast were you going?”

”Um, yeah, 80.”

”But how could you drive at 80 when you know that the speed limit is 55?”

”Yeah but, the road was going down hill…”

Andre just sighs when he hears the type of anecdotes Bäckis, with helpful assistance from Marcus Johansson, has told me.

”Those two…I have to listen to so much from them. Old men….”

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