Nicklas Bäckström is finally getting his Olympic Medal

According to Pro Hockey’s Editor in Chief, Linus Hugosson, Nicklas Bäckström will finally receive his Olympic silver medal. Bäckström was part of the Swedish team that finished second after Canada in the Sochi Olympics earlier this year.

He was one of the core players on the team but was prohibited from playing in the final in what he himself deemed to be the ”biggest game of his career” because he had slightly over the acceptable amount of Pseudoephedrine in his system.

On March 14 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ruled that a one game suspension was a sufficient punishment and that he would be awarded a silver medal along with the rest of the team.

He will receive the silver medal on August 28 in a ceremony that is taking place in his hometown Gävle, prior to a game between his old team Brynäs (the team that he played with just a few days ago) and the Stockholm based team Djurgården.

Read more about the ceremony here.


Caps’ D-prospect, Christian Djoos scored a goal in Brynäs’ preseason game tonight against  Almtuna. Brynäs won the game 5-2.

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